Best Candle for Mosquitoes

Best Candle for Mosquitoes

Best Candle for Mosquitoes

Mosquitos Be Gone! 

It is summertime and the mosquitoes are here, so what is the Best Candle for Mosquitoes?

Your yard is green, the sun is bright, the kids are playing happily, and the mosquitoes are biting your legs and arms like the parasites they are. To keep mosquitoes away from your yard and away from your blood, one of the best ways is by using candles. 

Mosquito candles don’t attract the vicious bloodsuckers – they keep them away! A good mosquito candle will keep these annoying pests away from you, your guests, your pets, and your children. Rather than douse yourself with stinky bug spray or soak your arms and legs with a gross, sticky bug repellent, simply light a candle. 

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are exactly the same as the candles you use inside your house when you need to chill out and relax. The only difference with the citronella candle is the ingredients. Rather than oils to make your house smell nice, anti-mosquito candles contain special citronella oil with lemongrass that is perfect for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your skin.

Because citronella is the golden standard of anti-mosquito oils, you will be hard-pressed to find another mosquito candle that is equally effective. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the percentage of citronella oil inside of the candle.

I say this because anything under 3% is not going to work against mosquitoes. You might as well just use a lavender candle. Make sure whatever mosquito candle you buy has at least 3% citronella oil inside of it, otherwise it won’t be effective. 

How Do Mosquito Candles Work?

Mosquito candles work by masking the smells that attract mosquitoes. Think of a mosquito candle like a stick of deodorant, blocking the gross smell of your armpit – only the candle is masking the smell that mosquitoes are drawn to. This is the citronella oil working.

You as a human produce carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the form of gas. The more humans that are grouped in the same place, the bigger the buildup of these gases. This is why mosquitoes flock to large gatherings outside to terrorize people, whereas you alone may not be bothered so much by them. 

The citronella candle covers up the smell of your gross human gases. It is actually that simple. Without your human smell to attract the mosquitoes, they won’t come. The mosquito candle does not kill anything, it doesn’t disrupt the mosquitoes, it only masks your odor to keep the mosquitoes away.

It is worth mentioning that the citronella oil works especially well to mask your mosquito-rousing odors. You can’t just spray some canned-deodorant into the air to effectively rid yourself of mosquitoes. Citronella candles are designed for this specific purpose, and they burn slowly to keep your yard or your inside area free of mosquitoes for longer.

The Best Outdoor Mosquito Candle: Cutter Citro Guard Candle

These mosquito candles are fantastic for people who have large outdoor areas that are often burdened by hordes of hungry bugs. A single one of these super affordable candles will burn for 40 hours straight. In the summertime, a single candle should last you a full week of nightly fires and merriment. 

This mosquito candle is super sturdy and has a solid base, so you can place it anywhere and forget all about it. It won’t spill and it won’t tip over on the windiest of days. I highly recommend bringing one of these great citronella candles with you when camping for the weekend or going for a night at the river. 

Whenever you aren’t using it, you can simply reseal the lid to keep your candle fresh. The only thing about these candles is that they are so powerful that you definitely should not use it inside your house, inside a tent, or inside your garage.

The Best Indoor Mosquito Candle: Just Makes Scents Citronella Soy Candle

These are mosquito candles for inside your home. Not only will these citronella candles keep the mosquitoes out of your house, but they will also fill your rooms with pleasant fragrances, such as orange and berry.

Each candle is crafted from a soy wax blend that is environmentally friendly. They come in eight-ounce jars and each one can burn for roughly 40 hours. If you have a summer cabin or if you live in an area where mosquitoes sneak into your home, this is the best candle for you. They work extremely effectively inside, and work best in a single room. But they are not great for outside use. 

What I really enjoy about these mosquito candles is that they do not contain any DEET or other harmful insecticides. They are an ideal alternative to bug spray or burning coils. Also, each candle comes with a cap that you can screw on to keep the candle fresh and preserved and ready to be used again.

The Best Mosquito Candle Lantern: Coleman Citronella Outdoor Lantern

Finally, we have citronella lantern. While the lantern is more expensive than the outdoor candle, it does last an entire 70 hours. The lantern is also much more appealing, as you can hang it outside of your campsite or on your patio and the glowing light of the candle creates a moody ambience. I would even say the lantern has a peaceful and appealing presence.

Like with the other citronella candles, the lantern comes with a lid so that you can keep the interior candle well-preserved when it is not being used. It is extremely effective at keeping bloodsuckers out of the general vicinity, it is built by Coleman, so you know it will perform well, and it even smells good to keep the area fresh. 

It comes included with an easy handle, which makes it great for carrying with on late night walks when you would otherwise be attacked by lots of mosquitoes. Plus, you can hang the lantern from a tree branch.

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