Best Candle Scent for Bathroom

Best Candle Scent for Bathroom

Best Candle Scent for Bathroom

What’s the Best Bathroom Scent?

Let’s talk about the bathroom. Arguably the worst room in your house, right? Everyone does things in the bathroom that would be simply unacceptable in any other room. Bathrooms can stink, there is often water all over the place, and they are generally unpleasant places – I’m talking to all the single guys out there. But the good news is that the bathroom does not need to be such a wretched environment. 

By employing a nice candle in your bathroom, you can transform it from a place of filth and ill-repute into a tranquil heaven where every time you close the bathroom door you are transported to a peaceful nirvana. But I promise you can only do this if you have the proper bathroom candle scent. 

While we’re on the subject, never forget to decorate your bathroom properly. With nice decoration, a quality bathroom candle, and a little bit of creativity, your bathroom can be your favourite new room in the house. You may even want to install a TV so you can hang out in there for longer. 

What to Look for in a Bathroom Candle

The first point is pretty obvious. You want to neutralize all the unpleasant odours that come with the bathroom. However, you want to do it gracefully. You do not want to drown the bathroom in heavy scents that are too overpowering. Think about a teenage boy spraying himself with way too much deodorant. It is extremely unappealing and can even cause a headache. You want to keep the scent light. 

In general, I suggest people use refreshing aromas in their bathrooms. You want to use any breezy and open smell, like mint, citrus, or ocean breeze. That said, you should not limit yourself to using the standard citrus scents. There are all kinds of great refreshing smells, like papaya or kumquat. 

It is important to understand there are two types of bathroom candles. There are the candles you want to keep on the vanity for when you go about your private business. Then there are the candles you want to use while relaxing in a hot and soapy bath.

The best candles for bath relaxation are often lavender or vanilla, as they will have you immersed in major relaxation. Oddly enough, you may find serenity in linen scents, as something about the smell of fresh laundry can seriously relax us.

Best Bathroom Scent for Men

If you are a lone male and want to really masculine-up your bathroom, there are a ton of really great options. While you may immediately turn to your overpowering musky colognes, I suggest refraining. Instead, try to burn candles that have a strong hint of wood or leather.

These can transmit a real feeling of masculinity in your bathroom. That said, you are going to need to do some redecorating to make it work. Having a masculine smell in a boring bathroom with baby blue walls and cute paintings of sailboats on the wall is not a great look. 

Additionally, you may try some expensive candles with savoury scents like dark rum, smoky Chinese leaves, or something tobacco flavoured. This will give your bathroom a manly, 1950s type atmosphere.

Adding Bathroom Ambiance with Candles

Almost nothing is as important as ambience. If your bathroom looks disgusting, it does not matter what kind of smell you have in there – it just won’t work. I always suggest people to shop around for candles that bring a special ambience to their bathroom.

Whether you are interested in a romantic night in the tub, a calming exhale while you brush your teeth, or you want your bathroom to resemble something more like a ritual every time you head for the toilet, candles can make it happen. There is something purely magical about the soft flicker of flame while in an extremely calm environment with soothing smells. It just works.

The Best Scents for Your Bathroom

So what is the best candle scent for bathroom.


Pine is fresh. There is no fresher smell than a Christmas tree. If you want a refreshing candle to mask the ugly smell of what’s going on in your bathroom without it being too overpowering, I highly recommend pine. This is also a great way to get your pre-Christmas fix without having to decorate. Pine lends an outdoorsy feeling to your bathroom. 

Try getting a pine candle inside a decorative glass jar, as it will feel even more like you are in the fresh air of the mountains. This is a candle that will cheer you up, mask your bathroom smell, and look great on the countertop in a decorative jar.

Eucalyptus Spearmint

This is another super fresh smell. It offers the same natural refreshment as pine, but with a chipper mint bonus. Plus, you get the amazing stress relief of the eucalyptus aroma. These two smells together reduce stress, suppress the bathroom smell, and give a very clean feeling to the air. A candle with this aroma has a way of cleansing the environment you put it in. And what better environment to cleanse than the bathroom?


Yes, you can get candles that smell like fresh linen. I can’t think of a better way to mask the smell of your bathroom and toilet than with the freshness of laundry. One of the greatest things about using a linen candle in your bathroom is that people probably won’t even notice it. The smell has a way of blending into the environment, masking any nastiness, and adding a calm and fresh smell that is so subtle people will simply think there is a fresh stack of laundry somewhere nearby.


This one is a little unorthodox, but believe me it works great for the bathroom. Beeswax has an almost citrus flavour to it. I sometimes think a beeswax candle smells like a mix between honey and tangerine. Beeswax is a strong scent that will completely mask any rancid odours that could be lurking while purifying your bathroom.

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