Best Candle Scent For Men

Best Candle Scent For Men

Best Candle Scent For Men

Some people may think that candles are just for women, and that is simply not true. There are so many scents available that it is possible to find a more masculine scent that a man might prefer.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a candle in their space. The gentle glow of the flame and the pleasant aroma they give off can really complete a room. Take a look below to learn more about some of the different kinds of candle scents that are out there, and which ones are the best choice for men, whether to scent their home or their office! 

What Is the Best Candle Scent For Men

If you are shopping for a masculine candle scent, richer, muskier scents are typically the way to go! Natural scents are good options, too. The scent of mahogany combines both of these, making it a great choice for a candle for men! Mahogany is a deep and woody scent that comes with a little bit of spice, too. It is rich, and yet natural at the same time. Men may prefer this scent to some of the more feminine floral scents available. It is also a heavier scent than some floral candles. 

Popular Men’s Scents

As we mentioned above, mahogany is one of the best candle scents for men. That being said, there are some other options, too, that some men may find more preferable. After all, everyone has different tastes in smell, just like we have different tastes in food. Below, we will discuss some other masculine candle scents that are popular with men, so that you can purchase the perfect scent! 

Leather Candle Scent

Another great option for a masculine candle scent is leather. This one is one that greatly resembles the smell we come to associate with men’s cologne. Of course, it smells like leather and well-oiled saddles, but also has notes of cinnamon and amber when you take a moment to smell it deeper.

Leather is a great scent that is reminiscent of the outdoors and nature. These candles are usually very strong, so that is something to be aware of if you have a sensitive nose! 

Bourbon Candle Scent

Bourbon is another candle scent that can be a good choice for men, not only because it is named after the liquor— commonly thought to be manly— but because of its rich, sensual scent, too. Many of the scents recommended for men are heavier and more intense, and this is one of them! It usually has notes of caramel or spice in it as well. Bourbon can also be combined with other scents, like vanilla, to increase the sweetness or other scent notes. 

Fir Candle Scent

Outdoorsy, nature-inspired scents are popular for men’s candles, too. An example of this is the scent fir, or balsam fir, as it is sometimes labeled. Many people think this is only a candle that you can break out at Christmas time, but that is not true! There are some candles that are not as intensely Christmas, and instead, give off a more masculine or cologne-like scent instead.

Vanilla Candle Scent

Last but not least is the vanilla-scented candle! Vanilla is one of the most popular scents, and it is pretty universally liked, both by men and women. Some men will not want an overly masculine candle, or one that smells like cologne, so vanilla can be a good alternative to these other options. It can also be combined with other scent notes! 

Spent Brass Candle Scent

This scent is probably not on your radar for a man scent, but lots of men have been getting these candles lately. The gunpowder or spend brass smell (like after a gun has been fired) is a smell that a lot of men are into. You can check out our article all about it here

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-scented candle for men?

The best candle scent for men will, of course, be different depending upon the man. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference!

There are, however, some candles that have scents that are considered to be more masculine, or better suited for men.

Some of these scents include natural scents, like fir or cedar, as well as musky scents like bourbon or amber. Vanilla is also a popular choice, as it is a popular scent for both men and women! 

What candle smells like men’s cologne?

Many times, the candles that we consider to be masculine are those that have a scent that reminds us of men. An example of this is candles that smell like men’s cologne! There are more than just one option out there that smells like men’s cologne. Plenty of brands have their own version of this.

For example, Yankee Candle has a candle scent called Man Town that is reminiscent of cologne. A lot of times, these candle scents are made up of scent notes that are rich and musky, like sandalwood, mahogany, or patchouli— or some combination of all of these! 

What candles smell like men?

There are different kinds of candle scents that can smell like men. Natural scents can resemble the notes of “man small”, or of cologne. Spicy or musky scents can also smell like men and their cologne.

After all, part of this comes down to the particular brand and scent of cologne you are trying to replicate when looking for a candle. Vetiver is an example of a candle scent that smells like men— it has a woody, earthy scent that can be viewed as more masculine. It can also have notes of smoke and leather in its scent profile. 

What is the most popular candle scent?

Vanilla is widely believed to be the most popular candle scent out there. It is a rich, sweet scent, and it is popular with both men and women! It can be viewed as a romantic scent, or as a subtly sweet and pleasant scent, depending upon the candle itself and the brand.

Vanilla is also commonly used with other scents to mellow out the candle or to create new scent blends. An example of this is a vanilla bourbon scent. Vanilla can be used as a top note or a bottom note in candles and is one of the scents that is most commonly blended with others.