Best Candle Scent For Studying

Best Candle Scent For Studying

Candles really add to the mood and aesthetics of a space— as well as make it smell good. But there are actually purposes beyond just aesthetics and smell that your candles can achieve.

What is the Best Candle Scent For Studying

The best candle scent for studying is peppermint and a mixture of coffee, sage, lemon or Jasmin as each of these triggers different responses and emotions within your body. Peppermint creates the mental space you need and memory improvement while absorbing information. The others help with your mind and body response to studying…which intern creates a higher efficiency while studying.

Different scents hold different properties and benefits, as according to aromatherapy.

A candle can provide you with additional advantages for your everyday life. Read on to learn more about the best candle scents for studying with, so that you can set yourself up for academic success! 

What Is the Best Candle Scent For Studying?

The most commonly recommended candle scent for studying is peppermint. Peppermint is high in eucalyptol, or 1 8 cineole, which has been researched and proven to improve memory, as well as improve a person’s performance in their cognitive tasks.

Peppermint is a scent that will help to improve your concentration while you are studying. In addition to that, it can help to stimulate clear thinking and invigorate your mind.

It’s important when you are studying that you choose a candle scent that improves your focus and invigorates your mind. Peppermint is a scent that is proven to do all of that! 

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Popular Studying Scents

There are a plethora of candle scents out there, and truly one for every mood or purpose. As we mentioned previously, peppermint is one of the best scents for studying, but there are others, too! Below, we will go over some more of the scents that are good for using in your study space, as they can help you stay focused and calm. 


As mentioned above peppermint has been shown to help with memory and concentration. It is also good at helping you keep you mind clear and focused.


If you are not interested in a peppermint candle or do not like that particular scent, coffee is a great alternative for studying to! The scent of coffee helps to enhance a person’s cognitive parameters.

It also increases the quality of their memory and speed of their memory. Last, but not least, it helps with continuity of attention, too! All of these are factors that are important to studying and are crucial to acing the test you are cramming for. 


Another candle scent for studying is sage, or clary sage. As according to aromatherapy, the scent of sage is one that has the ability to improve mental function.

A lot of these clean, herbal scents do the same! Sage can not only improve mental function and focus, but it can help to improve your productivity, too. You certainly want to be productive when you are studying! Sage can be seen combined with other scents, too, which can be good if you find the scent of sage to be a bit too intense on its own. 


Lemon, or other citrus scents, is another candle scent that can help when you are studying. Lemon can not only give you a lift and wake you up, but it can promote concentration on the subject matter you are studying. It can reduce any anxious feelings, too, which can be helpful if you are worried about the test you are studying for. Getting rid of that anxiety will help you focus! 


The last option we are discussing is jasmine. Jasmine is a scent that has long been used to calm nerves, which can help you to feel calm but alert. This makes it great for studying, but can also be helpful if you light your jasmine candle as you get ready to take that big exam, too! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What scent of candle is good for studying?

If you are trying to choose a candle or other scented product to study with, you likely want to choose one that has proven benefits in aiding concentration or relaxation.

After all, these will both help you study better and smarter! There are a few different scents that can get the job done, so you have options to choose from based on the types of scents that you like, as well. The most commonly recommended scent is peppermint for studying. However, some other candle scents for studying include lemon, cedarwood, and jasmine. 

Which scented candle is good for concentration?

There is more than one type of scent that is good for concentration. One of these is sage. In aromatherapy, this particular scent is used to aid concentration. It is well known for having an ability to improve mental function! For this reason, sage can be a great candle scent to put in your office or wherever you do your schoolwork or studying, as a pleasant way to scent your space and benefit you at the same time. You can also use scents such as lemon or peppermint. Peppermint is known to help memory, and citrus scents can provide a lift and defog your mind as well. 

Does a candle help in studying?

If you are studying for class or for an important test, you likely want to benefit yourself as much as possible! You will want to pull out every trick to help you concentrate and remember what you are looking at.

For instance, some people say that lighting a candle can help when you are studying. Depending upon the scent of the candle, this is not just a placebo effect! There are many scents that are actually known to help aid concentration and memory, making these particular candles great for studying. Candles scented with peppermint or citrus scents, for example, can be beneficial to your studying setup. 

Is a lavender candle good for studying?

Of all of the candle scents out there, there are many that can help with studying by increasing focus, and concentration, and aiding memory, too. They are often used for such purposes in aromatherapy.

Lavender is a scent that is commonly known to be soothing and relaxing. It calms anxiety and soothes worry, so it can help you to relax and get in the zone while you are studying, instead of stressing out. It can also help you to destress before a big test if you light it while you are getting ready for class.