Best Candle Scents for Relaxation

Best Candle Scents for Relaxation

What are the Best Relaxation Candle Scents?

Relax with Candles

Candles can be an extremely pleasant way to wind down with some calm relaxation, but what are the best candle scents for relaxation?

When you get home from a hard day of work and all you want is a little relaxation, one of the best things you can do is light a candle. There are many tools to boost your relaxation, like a warm face mask, a hot cup of tea, or a cozy throw blanket – and nothing complements these more than a nice relaxing candle. 

Having the right candle for relaxation can increase the effectiveness of your relaxation space by a lot. A calming candle can mean the difference between stewing in your post-day stress or letting it all melt off you.

While there are many different types of relaxing scents, there are also a lot of different ways to bring the scents into your home. You can use the standard candle, an oil diffuser, or a plug-in scent releaser. But today we will focus on candles and what common scents are best to bring into your home for relaxation purposes.

Set the Mood

Candles are fantastic at helping you escape. By choosing a candle that emits a calming scent and makes you feel like you are adrift in a serene memory, you will find yourself relaxing much quicker. You may have to try a few different aromas until you get the one that speaks to your soul. Anything that reminds you of a relaxing environment, like a spa or a comfy cabin, is going to do your mood lots of favours. 

It is not only the scent which is important. The colour of the candle, the candle container, and the kind of light that is emitted can either enhance your relaxation or completely destroy the mood. Many people suggest choosing candle jars that are either black or white, as this colouring help create a calm and clean space.

On the other hand, brightly coloured containers can boost positivity and increase your energy by making you feel an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. You may also find that artisanal candle holders, like terracotta and ceramic, can add an earthy vibe to your room, which is something that can seriously help you relax. 

All in all, the level of your relaxation will depend on many factors, like the colour of the candle, the smell of the candle, the jar the candle comes in, the decorations in your room, and even the sounds. Try listening to some relaxing nature music while you burn your candles. 


Lavender is definitely the most popular aromatherapy scent. Lavender has extreme stress-relieving properties that make relaxing very easy. If you need a lot of calmness with a single scent, I highly recommend picking up some lavender candles. It could even help to pick up some lavender plants and keep them in your windows. 

By having lavender candles ready to go when you walk into your home, you will immediately feel the wear and tear of your daily troubles slipping off and disappearing. Lavender is so helpful that it is used in aromatherapy treatments to relieve migraines and other vicious headaches. It is also used to help insomniacs get better sleep, and it is even beneficial in improving neurological disorders. 

Pine & Vanilla Combo

The pine and vanilla combination is one of the most restful scents you can get. While they are two completely different smells, they actually join together very nicely to produce a soothing fragrance that will give your home an extremely restful mood. 

The fresh scent of pine mixed with the tranquil aroma of vanilla is a literal whiff of fresh air. This combination will make you feel extremely comfortable in your own home. It also helps if you have lots of plants around so that you may feel more connected to nature.

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Spearmint is very similar to its distant friend peppermint in that it has very restive properties. When you mix spearmint with eucalyptus, the two flavours blend to become a powerful chill-out aroma that can not only help you slip into easy relaxation at home but can also help to relieve some respiratory issues.

Eucalyptus is actually used to help people with respiratory problems breathe better. It is also used in holistic medicine as a headache treatment. As you can imagine, a eucalyptus spearmint candle will have you sitting back taking big, deep, relaxing breaths.

Tangerine & Vanilla

This is a good one. By mixing tangerine with vanilla, you will get a fragrance that is positively relaxing. Something about the soothing vanilla fragrance and the positive, somewhat uplifting smell of tangerine work together magically to create a calming state of mind wherever you may be. 

In fact, tangerine and vanilla candles can help you feel happier while still remaining relaxed. You get all the happy benefits of a citrus scandal without getting too much energy, as the vanilla soothes your soul and keeps you content and relaxed.

Bahama Breeze

You will have to keep a lookout for this one. Anything named Bahama Breeze is definitely going to be relaxing. What’s in it? I don’t know! All I know is that lighting a Bahama Breeze candle will immediately transport you to a breezy, silent, and totally relaxing beachfront. You will immediately envision yourself in the sand with the calm swishing of the palm tree leaves overhead. 

Bahama Breeze is one of those man-made scents – like Tropical Tango – that does not have an exact source but does produce amazing results because it smells so great. Anyone who needs a little home vacation at an affordable price, I highly suggest finding a Bahama Breeze candle.


I know we have already talked about some vanilla hybrid candles, but you can definitely go with a vanilla-only candle to enhance your relaxation vibes at home.

Vanilla is super calming, and I highly recommend anyone who constantly needs an extra source of relaxation to buy vanilla candles, vanilla-scented soaps, and even foods that smell like vanilla.

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