best gifts for candle lovers

Best Gifts for Candle Lovers

Unique Candle Gifts

It should go without saying that the best gifts for candle lovers are going to be more candles! Find out what your friend’s favorite scents and brands are and then go nuts with the candle gifts. There are tons of unique items that will drive candle lovers crazy. Whether it’s your mom or your neighbour, you’ve come to the right place for the scoop on all things candles.

If you are purchasing candles as a gift, a normal candle from the department store is not going to do. You need to find some luxury options, like pumpkin-spiced candles for fall or pine candles for Christmas. Try to find some fancy items, like candles with reusable jars, zodiac-themed candles, romantic candles, candles made with expensive wax. The list goes on.

And if you want to get your friend more than just candles, try for anything that can go well when the candle is lit. Anything that can enhance the mood is an excellent gift, like a bottle of wine, a good book, some bubbles for the bath, or a nice box of chocolates. 

Grief Candles

Sometimes you just don’t know what to get. It can be a challenge, but no matter what getting something is always better than nothing. Simple gifts say the best messages, and when there is a little thought put in it can go a long way.

The Lewiston Label is a company in Calgary that represents a tragic loss that has been turned around into a beautiful story. In the midst of this transformation, grief was not only experienced, but they learnt how to travel through it. Along that journey, the grief candles were created. There are two candles one is called Soar and one is called Grounded.

Either of these candles will make a great gift for a candle lover in your life that has experienced a recent loss.

grief candle Soar
grief candle grounded

What to Get Someone Who Loves Candles?

We’ve complied a list of some of the greatest gifts for getting someone who loves candles. We have everything from unique candle sets to smart candle lighters. Just keep in mind that there are so many more options than just these. Any bottle of wine is a great gift for a candle lover. Maybe the new inspirational book that just came out would be a good option. Anything that feels relaxing is always a great choice. Check it out!

  • Literary Candles
  • Terrarium Candles
  • Seasonal Candle Gift Sets 
  • Animal-Inspired Candles
  • Personalized Candles
  • Motivational Candles
  • Limited Edition Boxed Candles
  • USB Candle Lighter
  • Anniversary Map Candle
  • Candle Accessories Gift Set
  • Uncorked Candles

Coffee Table Trays.

Candle Lovers need a place to put their candles, and often this is a coffee table. Many candle lovers have a spot on their coffee tables for candles, but there is a new trend happening right now which are coffee table trays. And they make great spots for candles. Here is a great example of one over at The Watermark Shop.

Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift?

Candles make the perfect gift because they are simple, they smell good, and they can be for anyone. Even if somebody doesn’t typically use candles, they might start if they receive some as a gift. Candles are romantic, they can help inspire, they are relaxing after a long day, and they can be used in meditation. 

Candles are the gift that keep on giving. A night in with a bottle of wine and a lavender candle, a relaxing bath with a glowing candle on the side of the tub, or even just sitting in the kitchen and enjoying the smell of a new candle while waking up in the morning. There are endless uses for candles, and they make awesome gifts. 

You can also get personalized candles for the people you love. Candles are a great way to make memories. They are awesome stocking stuffers for Christmas. And hey, candles aren’t that expensive! They often look more expensive than they are, making them awesome gifts if you’re feeling a little thrifty. 

What Candle Scent is Best for Romance?

Believe it or not, your romantic night in may just depend on what scent of candle you choose. There’s no denying that with the lights dimmed and the candles lit, romance is bound to be in the air. But you need to make sure you have the proper aroma. Using the wrong candles for a romantic night could end in disaster! 

Here we have picked the four best scents to have for a romantic night in. You’re guaranteed to build sensuality if you have one of these fragrances floating in the air. 

Vanilla: Vanilla is a classic romantic fragrance. For hundreds of years people have believed that vanilla has an aphrodisiac effect. Vanilla makes people sweeter, and it is ideal for creating a romantic ambiance in the home. The smell is slightly sugary, and when paired with some other scents it can make an extremely intimate atmosphere. 

Musk: Musk is another great scent, and it’s probably one you wouldn’t normally think of. A musk candle smells earthy and woody, and it can be insanely sensual. This is especially true when it’s layered with some other subtle fragrances. Musk is an extremely versatile aroma, and it can create a warm and enticing atmosphere that promotes romance. 

Orange: Orange is another one of those scents that is not immediately considered romantic. But we’re here to tell you to try it! Orange is supposed to be an edible aphrodisiac. With a subtle citrus aroma in the air, you will definitely see some sparks fly. It’s a bit fresher than the other smells, but it’s bright and energizing and can set the mood for a very arousing evening. 

Peppermint: Last on the list is peppermint. This isn’t traditionally romantic, but it is cool and invigorating. Peppermint has the ability to make you feel spontaneous while boosting your mood and providing some stimulation for a romantic evening. Peppermint is crisp, and when layered with musk it becomes one of the best romantic scents of all time. 

What is the Best Brand of Candles?

Unfortunately, there is no one perfect brand of candle. There are thousands of brands making millions of candles, and they’re all pretty different and dependent on your personal preferences. But what we can say is that some brands are better than others. 

Take Yankee Candles for example. This company makes some of the best candles in the world, and they are one of the most popular options on Amazon for candle lovers. We suggest trying their Pink Sands scent, which is a beachy blend of vanilla, floral, and citrus. It’s one of the best-smelling candles you will ever come by. Plus, these candles come in a variety of different sizes, types of containers, and aromas. 

And if you want something a little different, you might want to try Sand + Fog. This is a company out of California making some of the best premium candles around, including scents like White Cotton, Moonlight, and Goji Berry.

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