Best Odor Eliminating Candles

Best Odor Eliminating Candles 

Best Odor Eliminating Candles

Scented Candle or Odor Eliminator? 

Here is the scenario. You have just burned some eggs. Not only does the kitchen now stink like burned eggs, but the smell is seeping through your entire house. And guess what, you have a date coming over in twenty minutes.

Now your date is going to smell your terrible cooking and is going to be extremely turned off by the gross and extremely pungent smell of burned eggs.

And guess what else?

The toilet just backed up, and now you have another awful smell slinking out of your bathroom to infest the rest of your house. 

What do you do? Eliminate the odor! You can eliminate the stinky odor of your backed-up toilet and your burned eggs by using a candle. But no ordinary candle will do. You need the best odor eliminator candles, which is indeed different from a scented candle. 

Scented candles are great for setting the mood, creating an atmosphere – which may come in handy later in the evening – and relaxing. But if you really want to eliminate an odor, you need a special candle that squashes the odor before it can ever reach your date’s nose!

The big difference here is that scented odors will merely mask the unpleasant smell. Think of it like spraying your armpit with deodorant without having a shower. The deodorant will eventually fade and you will still stink. But with an odor eliminator candle, the odor is actually neutralized. You are exterminating the smell of your yucky eggs and your foul toilet while at the same time calming the mood with a nice smell.

Targeted Scents

Some smells are better at battling specific odors than others. If you have one particular smell you want to defeat in your home, I highly suggest getting a targeted odor eliminator. There are specially designed candles that can cover up the smell of pets, stinky cigarette smoke, and even weed smoke. Plus, you can get some candles that are better at covering the smell of your gross burned eggs. 

Alternatively, there are some natural odors that are fantastic at covering up a general mix of different smells. These are often plain scents with almost no flavouring to them. They will smell like something extremely simple, like linen or cotton.

Best Basic Odor Eliminator

Pet House Eco-Friendly Sunwashed Cotton Odor Eliminator 

Yes, this is advertised as an odor eliminator for pet smells, but it works amazingly for all general stinks. It has loads of natural ingredients that make it extremely good at destroying bad smells on the spot. It is scented with something called sunwashed cotton, which is pretty basic. It essentially bleaches the air with a subtle cotton smell and destroys any underlying yuck. 

This candle comes in an 8.5oz jar, it burns for about 60 hours, it is super expensive, and it is made from 100% natural ingredients. You can use it for just about anything from a bad day in the kitchen to a bad day on the toilet, or you can even place it by the cat litter box in your house to improve the smell of that lovely area. 

Best Candle Scent to Cover Pet Smells

Pet Odor Exterminator: Orange Lemon Splash Candle

This is the best killer of pet stink. It is also much cheaper than the previous candle we just talked about. It eliminates all kinds of household odors but is mainly tailored for pet smells. It uses a pungent orange scent that really suffocates any kind of dirty poop smell from your cat, wet smell from your dog, or even the stinky smell of your unshowered children. 

With a single orange lemon splash candle, you get about 70 hours of burning time. The same brand also makes the unique smells of mulberry & spice and cinnamon sprinkle, each of which is fantastic at killing the musky smell of your old dog or the dusty smell of your old cat. While we obviously all love our pets dearly, nobody can deny that they often stink. This candle will help.

Best Candle Scent to Cover Up Weed

Smoke odor Exterminator Candle: Pineapple & Coconut

This is probably the one you have all been waiting for, especially you hippies out there. If you have been smoking the reefer in your house, and for whatever reason need to immediately get rid of the stink, this is the best candle for you. With the overwhelming smell of pineapple mixed with coconut, this basically stomps out any kind of potent smell, like weed. 

You can use this candle to kill basically any smell, but it works especially well with smoke, either cigarette smoke or ganja smoke. The candle is actually designed specifically to eliminate smoke. Trust me, after you light the candle, you will smell what I’m talking about. It is intense. This particular candle burns for about 70 hours and is great at hiding your stinky green habit.

Best Candle Scent to Cover Up Smoke

Just Makes Scents: Smoke & Odor Eliminator Soy Candle

In this age, almost nobody is allowed to smoke cigarettes in their apartment. However, if you have been smoking cigarettes in your apartment or in your house and need to mask the worst stench on the planet immediately, there is a candle for it.

The Smoke & Odor Candle from Just Makes Scents is designed to eliminate your smoke. The candle is environmentally friendly, it burns for about 40 hours, it costs you roughly the same price as a new car, and it works against general household odors.

These candles come in only two smells: original and fresh linen. But these are actually perfect for covering smoke. If you have too strong of a smell, it is generally pretty suspicious. By covering the toxic fumes of your smoke with something discreet like an original scent or a fresh linen scent, you have a much better chance of getting away with your indoor smoking habit.

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