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Gunpowder and Spent Brass Candle

Gunpowder & Spent Brass Candles

For those interested in the sweet smell of gunpowder and spent brass candles, we have the best options for you. Gunpowder candles give off the distinct scent of spent shells, filling your space with the aroma of the gun range. Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or just someone who likes the smell of sulfur, these candles are for you.

What Goes Good with These Candles?

If your smelling gunpowder and spent brass there really is only a couple of things that you can pair with that. One would be bourbon, and who doesn’t love a little Jack. The other interesting choice however would be moonshine. Usually left to your crazy uncle from the woods, this particular spirit has made a recent resurgence in pop culture. There are a number of moonshine distilleries popping up.

One such spot is Skunkworks Distillery in Calgary, and it has some of the best sipping moonshines you’ll find to share with your new spent brass candle.

The Shooting Range Candle – Gunpowder and Spent Brass Scent

Shooting Range Candle ~ Gunpowder & Spent Brass Scented Soy Wax Candle ~ All Natural Premium Soy ~ 100% Made in USA (14oz Glass Jar) or 12oz Jar

This is the best of the bunch. Tested and smells great.

Tom Dixon Eclectic Collection Alchemy Candle: Notes of Gunpowder 

By far one of the most expensive candles you will ever own, the Tom Dixon Eclectic Collection Alchemy Candle offers the scent of gunpowder fused with eucalyptus, patchouli, pepper, guaiac, and cypress. At over $80, you can expect these scents to truly come alive. Forget faint whiffs of something that smells vaguely sweet, this candle really does produce a potent smell that you’ll love: gunpowder.

The exotic blend of fragrances transforms any space into somewhere instantly memorable. If you’re looking for an invigorating and manly scent, look no further. Tom Dixon designed the candle to leave a lasting impression. It smells great, has excellent range, and fills the nostrils without being overpowering.

Not only does the candle smell great, it looks fantastic too. It comes inside a hand-spun matte black brass vessel, covered by a marble lid. It looks absolutely exquisite. It’s also masculine. For a manly candle that actually looks like a manly candle, this is beyond perfect.

Finally, you can expect 60 continuous hours of burn time. There are two wicks for even burning. The candle weighs 540 grams. This is just a magnificent gunpowder candle for any man – or woman!

EBM All Natural Soy Wax Melts Gunpowder Candles

The EBM All-Natural Soy Wax Melts Candle offers the explosive smell of sulfur in your own home. The package comes with six cube melt wax candles for under $10, making this one amazing deal. Even though the candles smell like real spent shells and lingering gunpowder, they are completely safe! 

These all-natural candles are crafted locally in Maine and poured by hand. If you’re interested in authentic candles that smell strongly of gunpowder and are affordable for everyone, EBM is your best bet. Each candle is scented with the maximum fragrance for stronger smell that lasts longer and leaves a deeper impression.

The Mandle Soy Candle for Men: Outdoorsman Outdoors & Gunsmoke  

The Mandle is an eco-friendly candle designed specifically for men. This version is the Outdoorsman, providing the blazing scent of the outdoors and the rugged smell of gunsmoke. It doesn’t get much more manly than the Mandle.

The company behind the Mandle is all about using the greatest ingredients while protecting the environment. This is an artisan candle that really does smell as advertised. It’s great for man caves, garages, or even in the bedroom to provide the musky and burnt smell of fired casings. The candle is made from 100% soy and fitted into a small, pint-sized paint can that fits into just about any manly space. It’s a real paint can too, making the Mandle that much more decorative. 

The Mandle uses natural paper, hemp wicks, soybeans grown in the Midwest, and absolutely no lead. The candle burns for a maximum of 90 hours but is better burned in short intervals of three or four hours at a time.

For the manliest fragrances, the Mandle is the best. It also comes in fragrances such as Mountain Man, Handyman, and Country Bumpkin.

S&M Shooting Range Candle: Spent Brass Scented 

The S&M Shooting Range Candle takes everything you love about the shooting range and infuses it into a small cylinder of wax. There’s nothing better than the smell of gunpowder and brass shells, especially when contained inside a small, 12-ounce jar. The shooting range candle is made of premium soy and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

The candle comes packaged in gift wrap, making it a great surprise for any occasion. It’s also 100% natural. This is a great candle to have set up in your gun shop, inside your home garage, or anywhere else you need to add a bit of gunsmoke.  

Candle Theory Scented Man Candle Gift Set

The Candle Theory Scented Man Candle Gift Set is the perfect manly gift for candle lovers. It’s missing gunsmoke, but it does come with warm tobacco, smoked suede, and fresh shave. These are three of the manliest smells in one package. If you’re into crackling wood wicks, the musky scent of smoked suede, and hand-crafted artisanal candles that look great anywhere in the house or the garage, these candles are right up your alley.

Each candle is 4 ounces. These small candles are perfect for bachelor pads. They give off a powerful musk for between 35 and 40 hours. And when you’re not trying to impress company, the candle smells have therapeutic value for men and women.

These candles are non-toxic, 100% natural, and free of anything nasty, like pesticides or dyes. The scents are also more potent thanks to dedicated testing. The combination of the wood wick, the small glass jar, and the unique fragrance oils helps create an unforgettable scent that fills a room and keeps it smelling amazing for hours.