realistic flameless candles

realistic Flameless Candles

realistic Flameless Candles

When it comes to decorating your home, candles are a cheap and easy way to add more style to space– either indoor or outdoor. Their steady glow can make a room feel cozier, especially as colder weather approaches. However, it is also important to be aware of where you are placing your candles since these can be fire hazards. Luckily, there is an alternative option out there, too– flameless candles. These can be great for placing them in cramped areas so that you can avoid setting off the fire alarm! 

Read on for more details about flameless candles, as well as a roundup of some of the most realistic flameless candle options. 

Benefits of Flameless Candles 

Flameless candles can be a great option for a myriad of different reasons and situations. The first and most obvious is for areas where a real candle may pose a fire hazard. For example, if you want to place a candle in your window but have drapes, a flameless candle can be a safer alternative so you can avoid lighting the drapes on fire! Another situation is events or venues where a real candle is not an option– like a wedding venue that will not let you use real candles to line the aisle with. 

In addition to the above, flameless candles can be a problem solver for people who love the look of a glowing candle but are sensitive to scents. A flameless candle will still give the impression of a real candle without making any unwanted smells. Plus, they can be safer for those who are forgetful and may forget to blow out their candles before they go to bed or leave the house. 

Best Realistic Flameless Candles

There are endless options out there for flameless candles, so we have jumpstarted your research with this list of realistic flameless candles! Take a look below.

Simply Collected 3D Flickering Flameless Candles 

The Simply Collected flameless candle is one of the more affordable options out there while still bringing a lot of value to your space! They are also one of the most realistic options on this list. They are constructed from extra thick wax that makes it easier to believe they are real candles, and they have realistic candlelight, too. Rather than just being lit up, they flicker and have a flame that looks like the real thing from each angle. If you want to control them from any spot in the house, you can purchase the remote separately as well. 

JHY Design 3D Flameless Candles Set


The JHY Design candle set boasts an exposed wick, a real wax body, and an LED flame– all of which help make it look more realistic than many of its competitors. The candles also have different light settings that you can set automatically with the remote. You can set timers so that the candles go off after a set amount of hours, and you can also set it at the “candle setting”, which makes the light flicker like a candle flame. 

Homemory Battery Tea Lights with Timer 


The Homemory tea lights are some of the most affordable candles on this list, but that also means that they are not the most realistic. However, if you are looking for a cheap option, they still do a great job! Since they are tealights, they can stand alone or be placed in a holder or luminary bag for an event. They also have a warm white light that mimics real candlelight. When you buy the set, you get 12 tealights, meaning you have plenty of flameless candles to scatter around your space or place in decorative tealight holders.

Luminara Realistic Artificial Moving Flame Pillar Candle 


The Luminara pillar candle comes in three different size options, so you can mix and match different sizes on top of your table, or simply choose a set of candles that are the same height– whichever you prefer! The candles themselves are made with an ivory paraffin wax that looks just like a real candle. When you turn the candle on, it also has a flickering light, rather that one that just sits there and doesn’t move, so this adds to its realistic appearance. You can operate the candles by remote as well, but if you want to do this, you have to purchase the remote on its own. It is not included with the candles. 

GenSwin Flameless Ivory Taper Candles


So far, we have only listed pillar candles or tealights, but there are flameless taper candle options out there for you, too! The GenSwin flameless taper candles are a set of 6, so you can use them with candle holders or even a candelabra if you want– or, they can stand up on their own, too. Tapers can be great to add a spooky vibe to a space, like if you are hosting a Halloween party. These particular candles have a tip that is shaped like a flame and will flicker once turned on. However, when it comes to realism, they are a bit shorter than regular taper candles. As long as you don’t have them mixed in with real tapers, it likely won’t be noticeable!

Jiyimi Ivory Flameless Candles


The Jiyimi flameless candles are another affordable, yet still realistic, option. They are pillar style and come in a set of 3. Each candle in the set is a different height, so they look perfectly scattered around a space or grouped together in a centrepiece. The difference in height adds visual interest. They do have an easy on and off switch but can be controlled by remote, too, if that is your preferred method. The flame is dimmable, and you can also use the remote to switch between a flickering or non-flickering light. This is great because the flickering light adds extra realism– not all flameless candles have this option, but the ones that do typically look more realistic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most realistic fake candles?

Luckily, there are plenty of realistic flameless candle brands out there! They can be great for dorm rooms where real candles are not allowed, or for at home if you have a habit of forgetting to blow out your real candles. Some of the best and most realistic flameless candles on the market are the Pottery Barn Flameless Oil Diffuser Pillar Candle and the Simply Collected 3D Flameless Candles. 

Are flameless candles worth it?

Flameless candles can certainly be worth it, depending on your needs. For instance, if you like the look of candles but do not like the smells, flameless candles can be a good alternative. They can also be good for when you live in a space– such as a dorm room or an apartment– where real candles are not permitted since they can be a fire hazard. Flameless candles are often more expensive than real candles, but they will not burn out and need to be replaced as real candles do. So, in the long run, they are more affordable. 

Are luminary candles worth it?

Luminary candles are another form of the flameless candle. They can be a great investment for spaces that it would not be safe to place a real candle in. For instance, many weddings use candles along the aisle or on top of flower petals at tables, and this can be a fire hazard– most venues will not allow real candles, but will use luminary candles instead. They can also be great for outside because they will still give the ambience and glow of a real candle without the risk of getting blown out by the wind. 

How do you make a flameless candle look real?

Some brands of flameless candles look more realistic than others, and it is usually the pricier models that come across as being more realistic. Especially for events such as weddings, you will want to make sure your candles look as real as possible. Some ways to make your flameless candle look more real are to dress it with items such as candle rings, which is usually a decorative glass container that the candle sits in. Some people also drip real wax onto the flameless candle to make it look as if the candle has been lit before and the wax has melted.