Sand and Fog Candles Review

Sand and Fog Candles Review

Sand + Fog Candles Review

Who is Sand + Fog Candles?

Sand + Fog Candles is a company that sells the best candles on the market right now. The vision for this amazing collection of candles was first dreamed up by three women who believed candles do not only need to smell good, but they can look good too.

Sand and Fog Vanilla Tobacco Candle

All the candles are made from 100% soy wax or blended with soy. Their fragrances contain both synthetic and natural ingredients, and they never participate in animal testing nor associate with third parties who do animal testing. 

Sand + Fog uses a mixture of ingredients so that all their candles are safer for people with allergies. They also never intentionally add any animal products into their candles, and their candles are free of both lead and zinc. They offer fresh & clean fragrances, fruit & vine fragrances, warm & woody fragrances, and sweet & spicy fragrances. These are the most popular candles out there today.

Great Candles, Great Décor

Nothing improves your home more than a fresh scent and a new piece of décor. The candles from Sand + Fog are so much more than just candles. Each candle comes in a unique jar that is decorated with a wood lid. Each jar represents the idyllic fragrance of the candle.

Interestingly enough, depending on where the scent works best in your home, such as the bathroom, the dining room, or the bedroom, the jar reflects that. For example, a candle that has a clean smell great for keeping the bathroom fresh will also look great in the bathroom with plain colours.

For darker scents that are preferable to the parlour or the den, they will come with darker jars more suited to that environment. With a little creativity and a good nose, you can easily match the décor of every room in your house with its own Sand + Fog candle. There is no end to the creative possibilities, especially when you shop in bulk!

My Personal Review

My wife and I have sand and fog candles at home, we primarily get them through Home Sense and Amazon. Candles are an interesting thing cause you can get really cheap smelling candles that are kinda just trash and also don’t look very good in your home. Sand and Fog are kinda the opposite of this. They are a more premium price but they look amazing and they smell great.

There are a lot of different scents, and I am sure that there will be something for everyone. Do yourself a favour and try a few.

The Best Sand + Fog Candles

The candles from Sand + Fog come in a variety of flavours. There is an almost endless supply of these amazing candles, all of them made to perfection with some of the most honest fragrances you will ever come across. 

While I do not have time to list every single one of their products, I will introduce you to their five best scents. People online are raving about how amazing these candles are, how true the fragrance really is, and how great these look as decorative items in their homes.

Vanilla Tobacco by Sand and Fog

The vanilla tobacco candle brings you a beautiful mixture of vanilla with woodsy tobacco leaf. This is a very old timey aroma that you will love basking in on quiet evenings. The candle lasts a very long time, and it comes with a resealable lid so that you can keep it fresh when not using it. 

If you want something with a subtle tobacco scent mixed with the soothing smell of vanilla, this is the candle for you. Plus, the jar it comes in looks amazing on an office table or on a bookshelf. This is the ideal candle for any study or office.

As a side note, this candle does not smell like tobacco smoke – it smells like the actual tobacco leaf mixed with vanilla, which is surprisingly pleasant.

This is the best Sand and Fog candle and it’s a shame that they have not increased the production of the candle. If anyone from Sand and Fog is reading this please create more inventory. In the mean time if you are really into vanilla like I am here is an alternative vanilla candle by Sand and Fog.

Ocean Mist by Sand and Fog

If you want a blast of ocean mist in your house, this is the candle for you. This is probably one of the company’s most popular candles. It brings a unique ocean fragrance directly into your home. The smell reminds you of your last beach vacation, with a gentle spray of ocean waves and the sweet smell of the sea without any yucky seaweed smell.

The candle comes in a gorgeous white jar with a resealable lid, and the lid even has a handle. These are very nice and will look fantastic in any modern bedroom. I cannot recommend these candles enough. 

The Woods by Sand and Fog

This is a beautiful luxury candle. It burns slowly, it looks amazing in any room of your house, and it produces a euphoric smell that takes you directly into a quiet and peaceful woodland. If you are a nature lover, this is the best candle to have from Sand + Fog. It will make you feel like you are sitting in a quaint cabin on the side of a cool mountain in the springtime. 

Even the container has a very woodsy feel to it. With the dark jar and the smooth, light brown lid, it makes a perfect decoration in your parlour or on a bedside table. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the amazing smell of the Woods.

Cedar Lavender by Sand and Fog

If you are looking for a more masculine lavender candle, this is it. By mixing cedar and lavender, they have managed to create a woodsier lavender scent. It is not as frilly or floral as many other lavender candles, which makes it a new experience for candle lovers. In fact, this will probably be your favourite new smell. 

This candle is great for winding down after a long day of work. The jar looks great on a coffee table, on the edge of a fireplace, or flickering gently on the top of a bookshelf. As far as modern natural fragrances go, this is top of the line.

Tropical Citrus by Sand and Fog

Last but not least is the tropical citrus candle. This brings an element of the tropical coast into your home blended with a touch of crisp citrus. The scent is smooth yet energising, and it is great for waking up on the weekend with a whole pile of energy. The light blue container and soft brown lid look great in the bedroom, either on a vanity or on a bedside table. 

It is so easy to roll over in the morning, light your tropical citrus candle, and wake up to the rejuvenating smell of coastal fruit trees and fresh orange juice. 

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