What Is a Wickless Candle

What Is a Wickless Candle

What Is a Wickless Candle

Candles are the first things that come to mind when we want to add a little pizzazz to a space and make it smell nice. However, there are some cons to using candles, too, such as that the open flame can easily become a fire hazard. Luckily, there are some other, safer options out there, too. One such option is the wickless candle.

Never heard of a wickless candle? Well then, read on to learn more about what a wickless candle is, and why you should consider using these candle alternatives in your home or office space! 

What Is a Wickless Candle

First things first, what is a wickless candle, anyway?

A wickless candle is a candle that does not have a wick, just as you may have guessed from its name!

So, instead of burning like a regular candle would, as you light its wick, a wickless candle melts instead. It does so more slowly, and as it melts, this is how it releases the scent that you have chosen to perfume your room or the area! This is very similar to a wax melt, which is another flameless alternative to the traditional candle.

They are usually warmed by a wax warmer that is plugged in and powered electrically. Due to this, traditional candles are still the better option in the case of a power outage. There are several benefits to wickless candles, though, which we will go over further below.

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Benefits of Wickless Candles

As we mentioned above, wickless candles are candles that melt, rather than burn. They are designed to be warmed on a wax warmer, rather than having a wick that needs to be lit with a flame.

Because of this design, wickless candles do have unique benefits. Read on for some more information on wickless candles and some of their benefits. 

No Open Flame

One of the most obvious benefits of wickless candles, of course, is that you do not have to have a lighter in order to light them and release the scent. This is because wickless candles melt instead of burning, and utilize a wax warmer rather than a flame to achieve this. That means there is no flame involved with a wickless candle.

Candles are often considered to be fire hazards, and some leases or dorm room rules may ban them entirely. This is because traditional candles involve an open flame and can be dangerous when left unattended.

Wickless candles can be a safer alternative to traditional candles. Plus, if traditional candles are against your lease or the rules of your dorm, due to the open flame, you could use the flameless, wickless candles to achieve the same result! 

Longer Lasting

One of the less obvious advantages of using wickless candles is that they are a longer-lasting option when compared to traditional candles. You may not be able to discern this from their design, as you could determine their lack of an open flame.

Because wickless candles do not burn, they melt, they actually are getting smaller slower than when traditional candles are lit and burn to release the scent instead.

How long a wickless candle will last will still come down to some other aspects and variables, too, like how large the candle is or how often it is in use.

However, if you are comparing two candles of the same size and shape, one traditional and one wickless, the wickless candle is the one that has more longevity and will last you the longest! This makes them a more cost-effective option, too! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a wickless candle last?

Wickless candles are such a great option for candles because they do not burn and they melt instead. There is no need for a flame. They typically last much longer!

However, the scents of wickless candles do not last forever, so this is something to consider. Depending upon the size of the wickless candle, and how often it is in use, a scented wickless candle can last for up to 60 days before starting to lose its scent! This is also the estimate for how long a wickless candle can last before melting away entirely. 

What is the difference between wax melts and wickless candles?

When you want to scent your home or office space, you have a couple other options besides just the traditional candles that may come to mind. Other options are wax melts and wickless candles. Wax melts are pieces of wax that come in cubes, and sometimes other shapes, that are placed on a wax melter.

Electricity powers the wax melter and heats up the wax melt to release the scent. A wickless candle works similarly to a wax melt, as the candle melts instead of burning, but it looks like a traditional candle, rather than the look of a wax melt! 

How do you put a wick in a wickless candle?

Wickless candles melt instead of burning with a flame or wick, so you would not want to add a wick to a wickless candle!

However, if you do want to add a wick to a candle that has a broken wick, or no wick at all, you should try to remove the old, broken wick so that you can insert the new wick into the hole left by the old wick.

Another method is to thread the new wick into the hole to meet the point where the old wick had broken off. 

What does Wickless mean?

Wickless means that there is no wick. Usually, this would apply to candles, as candles are designed to have a wick that you can light in order to burn the candle and release its scent.

There are such things as wickless candles, and these are candles that are designed to melt and release scent, rather than burn. These can be compared to a wax melt, and they have benefits such as that there is no open flame involved, and that they last longer, too!